List Of Aesthetic Procedures At KJV

Weight Loss

Utilizing the latest cutting edge weight and fat reduction medicines and machines. Our fat and weight loss treatments are safe and effective to help you shed the pounds and inches with no downtime.

Active Acne & Acne Scar

Having trouble with acne marks? It might be time to consider scheduling an appointment with your dermatologist or sign up for medical aesthetic treatments with 0 downtime and instant result.

Permanent Hair Removal

It does not matter how fair or dark a patient’s skin is as the GentleYAG laser system will remove hair regardless. This eliminates the need for waxing, shaving or plucking on the patient’s part and they will no longer have to go through this cycle.

Hair Loss

With years of experience in treating hair loss and hair fall problems, we are able to offer you safe yet effective treatment options to reduce or even reverse hair loss. Visit us for a complimentary, personalised consultation so that we may advise you on the most suitable treatment and solutions for your condition.

Skin Lightening

Whether it is age loss or dark pigmentation on the skin, our painless and swift skin lightening treatment is suitable for all types of skin. This procedure will also help to address your complexion, resulting in fairer and smoother skin.

Facial Contouring

Facial contouring is suitable for those seeking to have a more oval- or V-shape face which is slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing in appearance. Giving the individual a more youthful look, the slimming of facial features will also leave the skin looking rejuvenated and healthier. Your skin will also become more elastic and smooth after the procedure is complete.